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This is a new, long term project and the aim is to have self-marking tests for all subjects and all grades. Tests will be uploaded as they become available.

These tests are CAPS aligned and could be used for revision purposes in September. These are self-marking tests and the results will be available after submission. The setting of these papers by volunteering teachers is appreciated.

Foundation Phase

Subject Gr 1 Gr 2 Gr 3
Mathematics  Test 1 (English)
Toets 1 (Afrikaans)
Uvavanyo 1 (isiXhosa)
Test 1 (English)
Toets 1 (Afrikaans)
Uvavanyo 1 (isiXhosa)

Intermediate Phase

Subject Gr 4 Gr 5 Gr 6

Senior Phase

Subject Gr 7 Gr 8 Gr 9

FET Phase

Subject Gr 10 Gr 11 Gr 12





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