November 2011 Gr. 12 NSC Exams

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Also take note that some of the files are large and may take a few minutes to download.

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You will need Winzip to open the files. (Most computers will have it installed. If not, it is available on the Internet free of charge.)

bullet bulletAccounting
bullet bulletAfrikaans Huistaal
bullet bulletAfrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal  
bullet bulletAgricultural Management Practices
bullet bulletAgricultural Sciences
bullet bulletAgricultural Technology
bullet bulletBusiness Studies
bullet bulletComputer Applications Technology (CAT)
bullet bulletCivil Technology  
bullet bulletConsumer Studies
bullet bulletDance Studies
bullet bulletDesign  
bullet bulletDramatic Arts
bullet bulletEconomics
bullet bulletElectrical Technology
bullet bulletEngineering Graphics and Design (13Mb)
bullet bulletEnglish Home Language  
bullet bulletEnglish First Additional Language  
bullet bulletGeography  
bullet bulletHistory
bullet bulletHospitality Studies
bullet bulletInformation Technology (IT)
bullet bulletisiXhosa Home Language
bullet bulletisiXhosa First Additional Language  
bullet bulletLife Sciences (Version 1)
bullet bulletLife Sciences (Version 2)
bullet bulletMathematics
bullet bulletMathematical Literacy
bullet bulletMechanical Technology
bullet bulletMusic
bullet bulletPhysical Sciences
bullet bulletReligion Studies
bullet bulletseSotho Home Language  
bullet bulletseSotho First Additional Language
bullet bulletTourism
bullet bulletVisual Arts