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Extension: Online Marker Application NSC Grade 12 December 2024 Examinations Scripts Marking to 10 May 2024 (See Assessment Instruction 22/2024 below for more information)
24/2024 Implementation of the 2023 of Assessment Programme in Mainstream and Special Schools across the GET Band
23/2024 Amendment to the School Based Assessment (SBA) Weightings in the Programme of Assessment for eight subjects in the FET Band, Grades 10 - 12
Curriculum Instruction
Implementation of Grade 1 - 9 School Based Assessment Annexures A,B and C which are referred to, are available in Assessment Instruction 23/2023 at
Curriculum Instruction
Implementation of Grade 10 - 12 School Based Assessment and Management Plan
22/2024 NSC Examinations: Application for appointment as a Marker: December 2024
21/2024 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual for School-Based Assessment Grades 10 - 12
20/2024 Grade 12 NSC/SC - May/June 2024 Examination Timetable
19/2024 2024 Grade 12 NSC Final Provincial June Common Examination Timetable
18/2024 Grade 12 Diagnostic Reports on Learner Performance: 2023 NSC Exams: +
Memo Amendment to Assessment Instruction 14 of 2024
17/2024 2024 Grade 12 NSC Draft Provincial June Common Examination Timetable
16/2024 Extension of the closing date for registration of the 2024 May/June Examination and other related information
15/2024 Change of subjects in Grades 10 and 11
14/2024 Application as Provincial Moderators for School Based Assessment (SBA) and Practical Assessment Tasks (PAT), Art Subjects and for Oral + Amendment
13/2024 Application for Appointment as Invigilators for 2024/2025 Grade 12 NSC and SC Examinations and Part Time Centres
12/2024 2024 Registration of learners: November National Senior Certificate (NSC) Examinations
11/2024 Distribution of Grade 12 Practical Assessment Tasks (PATs) for 2024 NSC Exams  (Hard copies to be collected at the district offices. Soft copies are available below.)

Check here for updates:

10/2024 Declaration of Relatives and signing of Confidentiality 2024
9/2024 Submission of Subject Changes for 2024 Grade 12 Repeaters and Transferred Learners
8/2024 2023 Grade 12 NSC Chief Markers' Reports (Memo)
7/2024 2024 Registration of learners: June National Senior Certificate (NSC) Examinations
6/2024 Subject Choices for Grades 10 - 12
5/2024 Extension of the Validity Period of the 2021 NSC Examination Guidelines
4/2024 Formation of Irregularities Structures: School Assessment Irregularities Committees (SAICs) and District Assessment Irregularities Committees (DAICs)
3/2024 Examinations and Assessment: Accommodations and Concessions Applications 2024
2/2024 Re-marking of examination scripts: December 2023 NSC Examinations
1/2024 Procedural administration of assessment instructions

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